The Clever Stuff's marketing science expertise is at the heart of what we do and sets us apart. Using a wide range of marketing science approaches we help our clients find answers to challenging marketing and business problems.

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Market segmentation is an approach that breaks down mass markets into submarkets of customers with common attitudes, needs or behaviour.

Identifying segments enables marketers to do two things:

  • Customise product and services so that they are better tailored to the needs of specific customer segments
  • Allocate marketing resources more efficiently

The Clever Stuff has a wealth of experience building segmentation from primary or secondary data.

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Brand Positioning

Positioning statements indicate how we want customers to think of our product/service/brand relative to competitors.

How to position a product or service is one of the most important decision for a marketer.

At The Clever Stuff, we have a range of tools to evaluate current perception and give directions to marketers as to which positioning is most likely to be successful.

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Product Development

New Product Development

NDD research is a very broad research topic. Research objectives varies depending on what stage in the NPD process you are.

From concept screening to product optimisation and take up forecasting, The Clever Stuff has expertise in all stages of the NPD research process:

  • Concept screening
  • Product optimisation
  • Pre-test market
  • Launch
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Pricing and Promotion

Pricing is the most influential levers marketers can use to impact profitability. Additionally price also affect brand positioning and market value perception.

The Clever Stuff are expert at pricing research in a wide range of context and category:

  • Banking, telecom, media, automotive, healthcare, FMCG, quick service restaurant
  • Individual products, product range, bundling, build your own
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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

According to Harvard Business Review, “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.”

Customer retention has a direct impact on profitability and it is important that businesses understand what metrics to measure and track to minimise churn.

The Clever Stuff has a broad experience running customer satisfaction programmes and modelling customer satisfaction data to identify service drivers (satisfaction, dissatisfaction, loyalty, recommendation, etc)